Viva con Agua ARTS

Viva con Agua Arts gGmbH joins the Viva con Agua family as its third social business. The shareholders are VcA e.V and VCA Foundation.

In addition to the Millerntor Gallery, the Viva con Agua Arts gGmbH also organizes art room projects, murals and limited art prints.

Art Rooms

We bring together artists from the Millerntor Gallery family and hotels to turn rooms into works of art where you can live. Hallways can be transformed into mini-galleries, and the hotel facades can also be turned into works of art.


Big walls in grey are boring. Therefore, artists of the Millerntor Gallery family design the exterior facades of large houses.

Limited Art Prints

The Millerntor Gallery Family artists design the home game prints for each seasons home games of FC St. Pauli, which are signed and numbered by hand on 100 limited edition prints. In another project Millerntor Gallery family artists interpreted the songs of musicians  like Sportfreunde Stiller, Clueso or Milky Chance. The resulting art prints are also limited.

The purpose of the Viva con Agua Arts gGmbH is the promotion of art and culture, environmental protection, development cooperation, the concept of international understanding, as well as the procurement of funds for the realization of this purpose (in this case VCA e.V.). These purposes are realized through the design and implementation of various projects in the context of art and culture, such as innovative exhibitions and concerts. One focus is on actions promoting art and culture with an international context as well as the artistic design of private and public space.

Millerntor Gallery

The Millerntor Gallery is an international art, music and cultural festival initiated by Viva con Agua de Santa Pauli e.V. and FC Sankt Pauli organized by Viva con Agua Arts gGmbH. Our common motto is "Art Creates Water" because we transform art into water. At the same time, we inspire visitors to get into social involvement through the universal languages ​​of art, music and sport.

Every year Millerntor Stadium becomes an open platform for dialogue and exchange, locally, internationally and interculturally. Works of art from all genres as well as a diverse music, culture and educational program show how everyone can positively shape the world. Interaction options make visitors active participants in societal change processes.

This event is made possible through the volunteer work of more than 200 supporters who are involved in the design, planning and execution of the Millerntor Gallery throughout the year. The musicians and creative artists donate their fee for clean water and make the festival a social event.

The Millerntor Gallery supports as a social business the work and water projects of Viva con Agua de Santa Pauli e.V. At the same time we promote creative freedom for a colorful world. We stand for free access to art & water!

Viva con Agua

Viva con Agua is an international network of people and organizations committed to decent access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation.


Providing water of sufficient quantity and quality to meet the needs of households, agriculture, industry and the environment is becoming an ever greater challenge worldwide.

Once again, it is the economically weakest parts of the world that suffer most from the growing scarcity of water as a resource, which is why people in the countries of the Global South are particularly affected. Worldwide, 2.382 billion people live without basic sanitation, which accounts for around 30% of the world's population. Around 663 million people, or about 9% of the world's population, do not have reliable access to clean water.

Lack of or total lack of water protection, inadequate sanitation, the introduction of commercial and agricultural pollutants, overuse of existing water resources, and especially extreme weather events caused by climate change, are sources of pollution and scarcity of natural water resources.

There are also diseases caused by fecal contaminated water. 1.9 million people die every year from waterborne diarrhea diseases.

The globally increasing problems in the water, sanitation and hygiene sector (WASH) are seen as a key challenge for our partner Welthungerhilfe in order to continue its fight against hunger and poverty.

Through improved access to drinking water and basic sanitation, the development goals are to improve the health status of the target groups, their economic situation and also to improve the environmental conditions in the project region.

The sector has a strong technical focus and encompasses the three phases of development (emergency aid, reconstruction, development cooperation)

-> Development, storage, distribution and treatment of drinking water from ground and surface and rainwater systems

-> Aspects of Housing and Household Hygiene

-> measures for sustainable anchoring of water and sanitation services in local structures (municipalities, local administration, political structures, private sector).

 The latter encompasses the construction, consultation and networking of institutions, knowledge management, awareness campaigns and the establishment, development and support of water committees category, over all term "Water Governance“.

Training in maintenance and plant maintenance is an integral part of all Welthungerhilfe WASH measures.

Training and awareness-raising measures in the cross-sectional areas of gender, disaster risk minimization and the environment are becoming increasingly important in order to orientate the measures in a sustainable and impact-oriented manner.

By taking into account the principle of the Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM), a sustainable management of the interacting above-ground waters and aquifers is sought. This ensures social and economic development and the functioning of vital ecosystems.

Welthungerhilfe is currently implementing 30 projects in the WASH sector with a total volume of 20 million euros. The regional focus is on rural areas in southern and eastern Africa. Overall, around 1 million people benefit from measures to rehabilitate and rebuild drinking water supply systems.

Primary sanitation and drinking water hygiene are included in all water projects:

By building toilet and hand washing facilities at elementary schools in rural Africa and Asia, Welthungerhilfe is committed to ensuring that improved hygienic behavior is anchored as early as possible in education.

Regionally adapted solutions and cultural acceptance are essential prerequisites for the use of drinking water supply systems and sanitary facilities.

Intensive educational work and hygiene training in the villages are among the main tasks. Only if the problematic connections between fecal contamination of drinking water and food on the one hand and diarrhea diseases on the other are understood, will a change in behavior ultimately succeed in reducing the high infant mortality rate from polluted water worldwide.

(Source: Welthungerhilfe, February 2011)

FC St. Pauli

Viva con Agua is closely rooted with the FC Sankt Pauli, and is the birthplace of the Millerntor Gallery. It is a project with the football club that provides the complete infrastructure for free of charge as well as with Wo / Men-Power. Meanwhile there is also the series of

Home game prints as another project: handmade and limited to 100 pieces printed by artist designed for every season game at Millerntor. The profits will cut into thirds and split between the VCAA, FCSP and artists.

The Millerntor is the home, the base. Without the club and that

FCSP network, there wouldn't be the MTG.