How do you choose the artists?

The curation team receives applications for the next Millerntor Gallery as well as suggestions. We will look at the applications and portfolios with the team  and decide together whether it is fitting towards the concept and the topic of this year's Gallery. There are about 40 walls in the Millerntor Stadium available, which can be shared or played as a group. There are also moveable walls and the outdoor areas as well as our favorite rooms: the restrooms. 

Everything is conceivably here: wall decoration, installation, hanging work, sculpture, video, other formats. Also there will be workshops, readings, performances and educational programs involved. Since we are a social art gallery with transcultural understanding exchange, we make sure to create a diverse offer, for example to reproduce as many genres as possible. We also invite artists from all over World, as well as from the neighborhood where we live and work. A balance of the  Gender is just as important to us as to unite the Global South and Global North. Above all, we like to invite artists and activists from the VCA project countries.  Since 2017, we have also launched an artist-in-residence program. Many different factors play a role in the curation process and a balance is the goal here. If we are enthusiastic about the work and can integrated it into the next gallery are, we agree with pleasure. Then we ask for a concrete concept for this year's topic.

If the artists have been present before, he/she is welcome to get to us directly with a concept to promote the topic. Because the stadium is a special exhibition venue, we are looking forward to the further development and the new ideas of the artists. We want to offer as many people as possible the opportunity to exhibit at the Gallery. However, we are also happy about the motivation to take part repeatedly. Artists who have accompanied and supported us and Viva con Agua for many years are invited to the Art Allstars Wall. A small group exhibition with all-time supporters. We do not have a special target group for the art or the event in general.

Instead, we love diversity and offer visitors an interaction and participation platform  that wants to participate in a societal process.

The special feature of this festival format is not only the space but also the longevity of the works as the Murals stay in the stadium for a year. Therefore especially the Murals must be compatible with the values ​​of the FCSP. It is also important to us that the work integrates salable works of art, because this is the only way our aim of "ART CREATES WATER "are implemented. On average, the artists donate 70% of the proceeds, which allowed us to transfer a grandiose 104,000 € to Viva con Agua in 2017!

Send your portfolio and ideally already a concept or an idea to 

We're looking forward to hear from you!