Important information about the internship at Viva con Agua: 

We are very happy about the many internship requests we receive, but unfortunately can not provide as many internships as we would like to! After all, every trainee at Viva con Agua should also find good working conditions and get tasks that go beyond bringing coffee.

With an internship at VcA, you can meet many new people, build contacts, network in the VcA cosmos and make an important and essential contribution to our projects and our goals. So that no misunderstandings arise from the beginning, we have summarized the most important information here:


What we offer:

• Joyful participation in our team and in the office 

• Professional experience with an internationally active water nonprofit organization

• Getting to know the different areas of our organization

• Dive into the Viva con Agua cosmos

• Help with finding a room if you are not from Hamburg

• 150 EUR monthly allowance

•Working hours are discussed individually, so that the continuation of studies or a part-time job  may be possible.

What we DO NOT offer:

• foreign missions *

• Supervision of bachelor's, master's, diploma and doctoral theses


• Federal Voluntary Service

•School Internships

*Foreign assignments: Viva con Agua does not offer internships in the project countries. If you are looking for internships abroad, we recommend the program and the ASApreneurs program of Engagement Global.

What you need to bring:

• Age: at least 18 years

• Undergraduate student

• An internship with VcA is always a compulsory internship during your studies. The internship must be prescribed by the study regulations or confirmed as a compulsory internship by the university.

• a driver's license

• Experience with MS Office / MAC OS

•Good written and spoken English knowledge

•Teamwork and open-mindedness in communication

We look forward to welcoming you soon in the office.

Your VcA team