Alanna Lawley

Lawley absorbs her environment’s physical terms, creating both site-specific architectural constructions masquerading as photographic collages and smaller-scale magazine works that investigate how fragmented spaces can generate experiences of disassociation, anxiety and isolation.

With her magazine constructions, Lawley disrupts the planes of the aspirational, sterile spaces featured in interior design magazines, creating deeply layered compositions that deny the viewer to fully orientate themselves in a specific time or place.

Lawley graduated with first-class honours in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design (2005). Selected exhibitions and commissions include: All four one / one four all, The Kranich Museum, Hessenburg, Germany (2015), The Positioning Project #1, Centrum Berlin (2013); Architecture as Human Nature, Supermarkt, Berlin (2012); Duett, with Matt Giel, Grizzly Grizzly, Philadelphia (2012); Creekside Open with Mark Wallinger, APT Gallery, London (2009).