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"Art.Mann" is an art project by Hamburg-based artist Sebastian Artmann (born Mark). His sculpture and wooden diorama art is characterized by its morbidly charming attitudes and lots of fur as working material. His body of work intends to spread live-affirming principles via fantasy creatures. Reza Yousofy is a sculptor of large-scale artwork from Iran. Both artists combine their skills to create the emotional art installation.

"Tree of Life" is a life-sized tree installation that reflects life-affirming attitudes, power of nature, restart and concentration of the very essence of life in times when death, suffering and despair threaten to take over. In the process of this installation, Reza tries to overcome the struggle of his escape from Iran while Sebastian works on the long-suffering and recent death of his father-in-law and mentor. Visitors can harvest the fruits of the artists' sufferings from the “Tree of Life”.