Christa Leder

Christa Leder has worked as a professional photographer since 1978. She worked as a photo journalist and had been a lecturer in the fields of photography, photographic laboratory and photography tours for 20 years. Since 1999 she has worked as a free photographic artist with approximately 60 exhibitions. She runs her own atelier and photographic studio in Lenningen near Stuttgart since 2004.

She is fascinated by the existence of art in nature and what can be created with light in photography. She usually does not intervene in the situation. She just waits for the right moment or looks for it. She captures the beauty in photography like she sees it, to let people feel what she feels.

Out of the 4 basic elements of life she feels especially connected to the element water. “The same stays only in change, the source only lives in changes.” (Georg Friedrich Jünger) This quote expresses symbolically what is reflected in her water photography: water creates art – art creates water.