Christine Kristmann & Eva-Maria Glitsch

We are performance artists, living and working in Hamburg, Stuttgart and Leipzig. Together we realize projects in the fields of music, dance, performance, mediation and we explore the body and voice in public space.


At times when people take to the street and raise their voices in public places, we challenge who the WE in a screaming crowd is. How does sound influence the movement of an individual and a group and when does my own movement dissolve into the movement of the group? Body and voice occupy the space and create atmosphere. Is it possible to transfer one space into another space?


With you, we would like to investigate public spaces with regards to sound, body and movement. Different experiential spaces – from church to soccer stadium – can interconnect with each other. Through choral speaking, rhythms, changes of timbre, mutilation of words, fragmentation and methods of collage as well as through choreographic procedures, movements, gestures and dance, we would like to create our own body and sound sculpture.