C.O.B. - Colours of Buntwäsche

C.O.B. - Colours of Buntwäsche live and think in Hamburg and they create for Ethopia. “Clean Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) are basic human needs and indispensable for the development of healthy individuals as well as for the sustainable development of human societies." WASH Network & VENRO

C.O.B. started their work during a Viva Con Aqua project trip together with Welthungerhilfe to Addis Ababa, where stencils were cut out and implemented for WASH. Their main goal is to introduce people to hygiene in an artistic way. This year, they will enter the Millerntor Gallery with stencils, posters and stickers. You can also meet them with Los Piratoz. Whether at the Fusion Festival, in the Gängeviertel or on disused barracks: their creative space is versatile.