Deenesh Ghyczy

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“All of my paintings are divided into separate but interconnected series. Two of them that I'm currently focusing on are called "Into the Void" and "Boundaries". The first one is about people jumping or falling into an undefined scenic space. The background interacts here with the person carrying or holding him or her. I am particularly interested in this in-between state, between the sole discretion to take the plunge and arriving in the unknown. The essential courage for change, letting go and having faith in yourself, stretched into eternity.

The second series, "Boundaries", is also about letting go and having faith. Like in all my paintings in this series, the depicted person is alone with him or herself, and the viewer takes the position of a voyeur. I'm exploring the boundaries of freedom in a seemingly restricted situation. Voluntarily limited by complete surrender to a person or a situation, the protagonists let go and have faith in their own decision. Where are the boundaries of fear, pleasure and dignity?”