Destreet Art

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It’s hard to believe, but during his childhood Destreet hardly received any acclaim for his work. He left home believing that while alive, he has to prosper and contribute to changing the world through his multimedia artistic skills. He was able to self-learn by helping out at several art studios. Whilst doing that, he also formed a bigger artist movement called Destreet Art Foundation aiming to help people by discovering their talents themselves when they couldn’t afford to pay for school.

Today, Destreet is amongst the most highly ranked visual artists alive in Uganda. He has been able to attract international media screening and publishing of Destreet Art Studio including the Germany GEO magazine early 2016. Furthermore, he has had five international travelling exhibitions in Europe in the past years.

He usually sells his art designs to close friends and upcoming musical artists in Kampala at a very small amount. He continues working, never seeing success himself, even though his handmade art t-shirt designs are the present feature of the real Ugandan art style and his paintings are now worth hundreds of dollars.

He uses his art to support several humanitarian projects, for example the first Viva Con Agua visit to Uganda in 2011.