Disruption - Studentenprojekt

»Disruption – playing with medial borders«


A well-performing medium remains invisible.

Modern and complex societies use more or less explicit rules to coordinate the behaviour of their members. We internalise many of these rules during the process of socialisation and henceforth comply with them automatically and unconsciously.

Art and artistic interventions can provide opportunities to question routines, to challenge perceptions and to raise the beholder’s awareness for deviant perspectives. In the course of our project, philosophical theory and artistic practice will go hand in hand: we will examine, question and irritate the invisible medium called social reality.


#Disruption #Society #Grammar #Hacking #Intervention #Irritation #Medium #Rules #Socialisation #Game #Reality

Participants of the project: Sandra Böhme, Steve Braun, Mounir Brinsi, Philipp Eyrich, Angelika Huber, Julius Jurkiewitsch, Joachim Kircher, Katharina Kiupel, Magali Louvel, Eva Maria Neubauer, Sebastian Plönges, Jens-Ole Remmers, Haidrun Saiboth, Waldemar Scheck, Josefa Schundau, Diego Sindbert, Elisabeth Thallauer