Edith Schaar

Edith Schaar was born in 1926 in what is now Poland. After the Second World War, she fled to Tating in Schleswig-Holstein. She took painting lessons with Friedrich Karl Gotsch, a master student of Oskar Kokoschka. Her artistic path began. She went on to study with Willi Baumeister and Paul Klee’s pupil Elisabeth Kadow. To finance her lessons, she modeled for sculptors. While exhibiting her own work extensively, Edith taught at the University of Arts in Ottersberg. There, she became acquainted with the art historian Diether Rudloff. They moved to the village La Floresta in Spain. They dreamt of opening a free art academy in a romantic castle. But the dream did not come to fruition due to Rudloff’s sudden death. Edith remained in La Floresta, working and teaching till this day.