Elhassan Elmuontasir Elhendari


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Elhassan Elmuontasir Elhendari was born in 1986 in Omdurman, Sudan. He studied Graphic Design, Technical Education and International Relations at the Sudan University of Science. He is one of three artists who together call themselves Khaish Studio and has already brought it to national prominence in Sudan.

“My CV is all about the thoughts I have been having since I was 1 day old, everything I thought about but I didn't do. Painting is a way to challenge and disrupt – to destroy the wicked one, the evil one or the chosen one, a way to destroy all the form and shapes, to build new ones or it could be a chance to be the politician, the rebel, the opposition, the philosopher, the outcast or the superficial, the house wife or maybe I'll support all beliefs or oppose them all, maybe, with painting. I'll escape all the roles expected from men, maybe I'll impersonate them all, maybe I'll paint pure ugliness, maybe pure light, maybe important issues, maybe I'll paint just for fun and money. Maybe I'll showcase my best paintings, maybe I'll show only a lie and give you pain, maybe I'll tell the real stories and reach you, maybe I'll just tell my fantasies, the sick ones. So maybe painting is my microphone, my own radio station, maybe it just gives me something to do, maybe you'll never know what my paintings are about. Maybe I'll tell you.”