Elmar Lause

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Elmar Lause (born 1973 in Bochum, Germany) is a collector of flattened Coke cans, scrapbook stickers, multi-colored monsters made from plastic, vintage family photographs, antlers, comic strips, newspaper tear sheets and other seemingly irrelevant small details of everyday life that he carefully retains in boxes, albums and in display cabinets. All of them form the foundation of the artist’s odd and queer world that he evokes in his works. Elmar Lause enjoys manipulating the familiar and extracting something surprising and unexpected from the habitual. He works with the set pieces of various imageries: comic and advertisement, art and lowbrow kitsch, and video games and graffiti. In his paintings, collages and installations, these different elements of our reality are superimposed and in their combination, yield fantastic and crazy orchestrations.