Galal Yousif

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Galal Yousif was born in 1986 in Rufaa, southeast of Khartoum.

He studied art at Sudan University with a focus on sculpture. Since 2011, he runs the Khaish Centre in Khartoum with Hazim al Hussain and Elhassan Elmuontasir Elhendari.

“I draw to feel that I am doing a little change in my life. Even if it is just a bit. All my interests awaken, my worries, my concerns, is from my personal life. The large and small details inspire me. The decorations, ornaments and strong African colors and the people who wear them. All of this urging me to draw again and again. However, not as it is, it is a kind of self-reflection, to see things differently than the first time.

It's the simple life that inspires me. The childhood, the colors of the rural area where I come from, the views of the Nile, its people and its deeper meaning. All that I have drawn and all that I will draw is inspired from my simple life, but the African character is stronger in its nature as well as in my activities. Africa is what determines my activity, Africa is the motherland.”