ikonoTV presents ART SPEAKS OUT

Curated by Vanina Saracino

Climate change is one of the most urgent and pressing issues of our time, and it cannot be solved through political decisions alone, but requires every individual to act in a more responsible way. Can art be a form of action?

History suggests it can.

Images in particular have the power to create a shift in individual awareness and slowly implement a new collective need, a new sense of urgency and, ultimately, a new behavior in societies.

Initially conceived as a 24-hour special video program, Art Speaks Out brings together a selection of outstanding video works to address the key issues of global warming, carbon emissions, urbanization and desertification.

This special selection for Viva con Agua and the Millerntor Gallery features works by AK Dolven, Simon Faithfull, Markus Hoffmann, Antti Laitinen, Arjen de Leeuw, Gianluca Abbate, Daniel Beerstecher, Isadora Willson Gazmuri, Isabelle Hayeur, Oto Hudec,  William Lamson, Gwen MacGregor, Romy Pocztaruk, Johanna Reich, Su Rynard and Linda Sanchez.


About ikonoTV

Founded by Elizabeth Markevitch, ikonoTV is the first television channel broadcasting art and only art 24/7 on HD. Since 2010, this unique project brings to everybody’s home curated exhibitions of art films, by working in close collaboration with more than 1000 international artists, over 200 collections, image archives and the most important museums worldwide. By showing art free of any additional commentary and sound, ikonoTV allows an international audience to experience the moving image as a pure form of narration, and reinforces the idea of art as a truly universal and timeless language.