Jens-Ole Remmers

Piece of art or product? Advertising or art? High or mass culture?

Contrary to common distinctions Jens-Ole Remmers' collages are referring to something in between. A third place, a synthesis: both/and instead of either/or. They find their origins in the imagery of a global economy: banana boxes from Brasil, Californian citrus fruit cartons, packaging material of small Corsican agricultural cooperatives; colourful symbols and typographic logos – some of them well-known, some alien to the (German) beholder – provide the raw material for artistic reappropriation. The global market is brought into shape, alleged antagonisms start to communicate: both sides inspire and pervade each other.

Jens-Ole Remmers' collages invite us to cross boundaries and borders, (at least) in a double sense.

And they are very beautiful.


Sebastian Plönges