Kabul Knights


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Kabul Knights is designed by Azim Fakhri, who wants to promote the human rights struggle through his arts. Kabul Knights is the chosen name of this movement with the purpose of helping and restoring the people of Afghanistan, without expecting anything in return.

Azim wants to portray a voice, a shoulder and the hope of all who encounter his arts.

He wants to be the voice of the voiceless people, a shoulder for those who have lost their family members during war, and the hope is to be a messenger of peace not only to Afghans but to other nations.

Azim returned to Afghanistan, having lived most of his life outside of Afghanistan until 2002, after the fall of the Taliban. He brought with him the knowledge of culture to help him in his venture for the development of his country.

The art created by Azim often reflect the life in his generation and their importance. He portrays these elements to establish a social consciousness that he feels is missing in his society. His art of complaint, for instance, is replacing the AK47 with guitar. It has become an inspiration for many young Afghans.