Laura Chase

Focus The Important


Learn how to focus the space.

The space you give others.

The space you give yourself.

The space you allow others to occupy.

And the space you give your hopes, dreams, fears and love.


In the end everything leads us back to our relationships. The relationship you have with yourself or with the people around you. How to lead your own life and how to follow your desires. The balance defines who you are.


This workshop will help you discover how you can control your space and the space you give oth-ers through dancing. It will be a lesson on self-awareness and you can discover what lead-ing/following truly means and how you can create exactly the relationship you want with yourself.


For years I've been working as a dance teacher (ballroom, ballet, jazz dance) or performed on stage. I teach people how to use their voice and help them to discover their inner voices.

Dancing, singing, teaching, meditation are my tools to learn how to be more authentic and true to my nature. It is an adventurous journey and I'd love to travel with you, too!


Best Wishes

Laura Chase