Marie-Delphine Darmstaedter

Yoga is more than just movement, stretching and strengthening to me. Yoga also incorporates the reconstruction of the lost connection between body and mind. As a result of permanent stress and the fast-paced lifestyle of today’s generation, most people find their anchorage not within themselves, but mostly in different types of addictions and general outwardness.

During my vinyasa flow classes, I try to get to the bottom of that exact phenomenon by synchronizing the breath and movement, while helping students feel their own bodies again and calm their minds and thoughts.

The word vinyasa literally means the connection between breath and movement, which are

dynamically being linked through powerful body alignment (asanas).

I am more than happy to welcome everyone who wants to be part of the class. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done yoga before or if you are an advanced yogi. Through different variations everyone can learn more about themselves and vinyasa flow in their own practice.


I am currently teaching yoga and bodywork as a self-employed yoga instructor at the „Schule für

Schauspiel Hamburg“. If you have any questions concerning private or group sessions, feel free to

contact me on my email and I will see you on the yoga mat.