Radikal Zärtlich


Due to the high demand last year, we will have a tattoo corner again this year. But instead of only two artists, there will be a whole pack coming: local heroes Pengi and Tobias Tietchen; Caro Ley, Ana Work and Gael Cleinow from Berlin; the ladies from Deuil Merveilleux in Brussels, San Coloured Skins and Capitaine Plum; the Franconian Imknotmink and Julia Chochola from Prague.

If you want to make an appointment, just send an email to radikalzaertlich@gmail.com with the name of the tattooist you want to get tattooed by in the subject line and you will hear back from us. We will also propose flash designs that you can look up and reserve online as well as directly onsite.


http://www.colouredskins.com/ www.tobiastietchen.de