Schreibluft: a compound noun made from two (German) words; alone they mean ’writing’ and ’air’ but when combined, they conjure up a myriad of possibilities - ’Schreibluft’ might be a gale force wind or just a breath of fresh air, it could even be both at the same time. It has the power to tumble old structures and bring about change. ’Schreibluft’ simply creates breathing space through writing.


By using the ideas behind Diversity Writing, we allow ourselves to see the world through new eyes: everyone has things on their mind and stories to tell, be it beautiful, joyful or dramatic... Creative writing provides us with the opportunity to give voice to this vast collection of impressions. There’s no right or wrong in creative writing, it encourages personal development: it’s not the result that counts, but the process which allows our experiences, our personal inner wealth, to become an inexhaustible source of inspiration.


Tamara Jarchow, Lecturer for Virtual Communication and Creative Writing on the Net, works in Hamburg and in her virtual haven, the Cloud. All workshops and seminars can be found on her homepage:


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