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Harun “Shark” Dogan initiated the world’s first coloured graffiti magazine and is considered a pioneer of the hip hop/street art scene.

Born in Switzerland to Turkish parents, he is an internationally successful artist and entrepreneur. Even though it might seem hard to believe, the Swiss graffiti scene has an excellent reputation around the world and even in the Bronx, where it all originated in the 1980s. Harun “Shark” Dogan is amongst those who contributed to the Swiss scene's popularity.

He made a name for himself as a break dancer and graffiti artist and organized the biggest hip hop party in Luzern as a sixteen year-old. In 1991 he published the world’s first hip hop magazine in colour, “Make`t`Better“. By then, “Shark” had become well known in the European scene. In 1992 Dogan founded the street art fashion brand Wrecked Industries which five years later grew into the first 360 deal music label. This was in 1997 and is yet another example of Dogan’s innovative spirit and his strong business acumen. From 2003 onwards, Dogan and his agency focused “solely” on graffiti and graphic design. He won competitions like the “Got To Be Trendscout“ (Sony & Schwarzkopf) and travelled the world as a blogger for his clients. Since 2008 “Shark” and his business partner Christoph Wyer are in charge of their agency “Rawcut Design Studio”. /