Simon Nelke

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Bringing it to light, layer by layer. Foregrounding the shadows of the visible, making an image motif of the hidden.

Since the beginning of his studies, Nelke deals with the striking persistence of human beings. Layering and partial removing of the oil colors are the basis of his artworks. Thereby former parts of the picture appear again.

His spectral palette is enormous and also includes black and white parts. In various ways, Nelke’s artwork reminds one of the big Emil Nolde. The violet-, blue-, green- and pink-shades create an exotic impression – in Nelke’s artworks as well as in Nolde’s artworks.

The creative self-confidence is obvious in all of his art pieces. Mystic subjects of painting of the occident as well as of the orient and of the world of native people procreate the dimension of the hidden.