The Millerntor Gallery Symposium


„How are art and sport shaping the public space?“


Looking at the Millerntor Gallery as an intervention in public space and considering this intervention to be aimed at shaping that space, one must realise the necessity of an investigation into social discourse on a theoretical level.

The Millerntor Gallery Symposium thus invites experts and representatives of art, culture and football to come together to debate the matter of living in and shaping the public space.


How can art and sport influence urban space? How much space is available? How great is the need for free space and for opportunities to freely shape this space? How are those opportunities used? How to create a public space that invites participation and is both non-discriminatory and open to everyone?

We hear and read about displacement processes on a regular basis. What processes are there and how to meet the challenge they pose? How might art and sport initiate public debate?


Finally, one question remains to be answered: Does the city belong to all its inhabitants?


Saturday, 16th July 2016, 3 – 5pm inside the „Ballsaal" in the south stand