Thomas Koch

Thomas Koch is a photographer, illustrator and designer. He's known for his close-up portraits, from bums to kings, where photography is combined with elements of street art, painting and digital art. Because of the various techniques and its combination, his work is very multi-faceted, which is unrivaled in the art market. His work have been presented at several national and international exhibitions and events.


The Hamburg-based artist is an all-time Viva con Agua supporter and was part of the Millerntor Gallery since the beginning. This year he unleashes the red hell. For the third time in a row, he's photographing the FC St. Pauli's team and has brought it up to the next level. The result are spectacular, highly detailed and aesthetic works, which will be sold on sacred turf under the hammer!

The photo series with the players and the coach of FC. St. Pauli is presented by AFM (

Through this, he combines what unites the Millerntor Gallery: Viva con Agua and FC St. Pauli, art and sports for fresh water.


Thomas Koch is also part of the SUTOSUTO art team with Frau Meier.