Ariane Gramelspacher

Since I was hooked on the FC St. Pauli in 1990, I could not get away from it. Accredited since 2013, I photograph regularly on the sidelines, mainly for the fanzine "Der Übersteiger". Solo exhibitions 'Hamburger Herbst' and 'Stadion', joint exhibitions 'FC St. Pauli Visuell', 'Retrospective G20' and 'Fuck you Freudenhaus'. In 28 years I have experienced a lot of changes, mostly good ones, in and around our club, but I still miss the old clubhouse, the Meckerecke and the trees at the 'Gegengerade'! That is why the last game before the Gegengerade was teared down has tremendous emotional potential. The fans on the back straight and grandstand really took everything with them, and the tearing up of the old stadium seats was an absolute goosebump moment. An era that never seemed to end was over.