Ceren Saner

Ceren Saner is a visual artist based in Berlin exploring friendship, love and family within LGBTTIQ* everyday life in her hometown Istanbul as well as her new city of choice, Berlin. During isnt it Love? Photo-showing & Talk Tour (#isntitlovethetour), Ceren Saner will hold talks creative and political. She will speak about her approach to art both documentary and empathetic. Drawing on her artworks and experiences, Ceren Saner is giving a personal report on both the queer scene and the LGBTTIQ*-movement experiencing many setbacks due to current political developments within Turkey while also being subjected to intimidation and oppression. Love eludes from its form- love begins to fight against its own forms for being love again. It asks again, why should it be concealed, isn't it Love? Between 2013 and 2014 “isn’t it Love?” photo series was a witness to a private queer-themed party chain that was periodically organized by a group of friends in Istanbul, Turkey. To respect the privacy of the subjects of those parties, and to feel and understand the existences in front of her, Ceren Saner looked more into the act of love rather than the faces behind it. Triggered by the fluidity of love and its liberating atmosphere she became part of in those moments. Saner found herself questioning notions such as true love, right way of loving, or solely- to love. Then she continued to follow her personal path later in the public parties with this series as well.