Once again Dave and Xuli will collaborate for the Millerntor Gallery 2018. We already know them from last year's event.

They are an experienced team and have been working together on various occasions, combining characters and type since 2016 (on murals & in Live Art events and battles). Their Millerntor Gallery #8 project has two sources of inspiration: One is our beloved football club "FC St.Pauli", as their canvas will cover one of the grand facades of the Millerntor stadium. Secondly some results of Dave's "internet identity" survey are also going to be included (see page ...).

Jana Federov aka Xuli, has specialized in lettering, illustration, calligraphy and typography. Bringing it to the point: Everything that involves letters. Her typography work takes on a variety of forms, from experimental calligraphic work, illustrated letterforms and digital type to hand-painted murals.

The drawings of Davina Cochrane, aka Dave, most inspired by the human anatomy, especially the female body, eyes and hands, complement Xuli's style with its love for organic lines.