Farbfabrique im Gängeviertel


„Farbfabrique im Gängeviertel“ is a self-governed open workshop for screen printing and art. Every interested visitor will have the opportunity to learn creative techniques, screen printing as well as to realise own projects.

Printing with water-based colours is possible on paper, fabric, metal and wood, under the instruction of the screen printing team or independently after participation in an introductory course. Depending on the project and intentions of the user, a fee is charged for the usage of the work area and consumed materials.

We invite everyone to visit and catch up on the open workshop which takes place every Thursday evening from 6 to 10 pm.

The working space can be booked for courses, groups and individuals who want to work freely, semi-commercial or commercial. It is possible to rent a workplace for temporary or long-term participation in a project. Additionally, the place is available for events.


Requests and registrations for courses: farbfabrique@dasgaengeviertel.info

Rental: fabrique@das-gaengeviertel.info

During the Millerntor Gallery you can find us at our own stand where we will be printing designs from the artists from Gängeviertel, Viva con Agua and the Millerntor Gallery, live onto clothes brought by you. Come around!