Happy Vagina


As a journalist, I have written about many exciting subjects. In 1996, I wrote about electro for the Hamburger Morgenpost before DJs and their tracks were taken seriously as an art form. From 2000 onwards, I followed the exhilarating Berlin night life for PRINZ. My motto used to be: “I work from 8:00-5:00 – just at night.” Subsequently, I interviewed celebrities ranging from Hugh Jackman to Lady Gaga for the BUNTE. And today? Currently, I am active on my blog Happy Vagina discussing subjects about sexuality. How did this come about? Sometimes, you can find the greatest treasures in the deepest valleys. And you emerge from the valley of tears as a hero with a new identity – and pockets filled with gold. Enough pathos, here is the real story: After the birth of my daughter by emergency Caesarean section, I found myself detached from my life. I was detached from my lust, my sexuality, but also my vitality, my creativity and even my courage and self-confidence. In short: I was not ME. During the search for my old identity, I found myself at a shaman and even at tantra. These experiences opened my eyes on many levels. It was the first time that I had experienced sexuality as something more - a way back to myself, to more lust, more creativity, more vitality, more courage and more self-confidence. I started perceiving sexuality as a deep and passionate connection to everything around you and an embodiment of everything as a whole. I embarked on a journey – attended cuddle parties and the Cervix-DeArmouring and discussed female ejaculation and the menstrual cycle with specialists – and blogged about it. I learnt a lot about the female identity (and thus also became a feminist via second-hand education). I slowly became myself again. However! I didn’t assume my old identity but found a new one. Sometimes, you find the greatest treasures in the deepest valleys.