Ich Guck Links


#ILOOKLEFT It was a conversation about perception. About news and articles that create the feeling that everyone is “right winged”. Is that right? The right winged parties are loud, or do they simply get more attention? A family has a discussion about social unfairness, the unfair treatment of “our people” versus immigrants. Do they feel that they are taking something that rightfully belongs to us? Is it a fear of criminality? Of a belief that that the identity of our nation is in danger? Why is a good person called a do-gooder? And where are they? With the project #ICHGUCKLINKS we want to give the good people an opportunity to send a positive message. Silent and visible. With our heads turned left. What? We are shooting portrait photographs of people, looking left and giving a sign. How? Every day we will post two photos on our Facebook page, Instagram account and Website. You will then be tagged in your photo, which will make the image visible for others who might want to participate in #ichgucklinks. In this way the project will grow, spread and give a sign. Who? Every man, woman, and everyone in-between. It’s about photographing a wide variety of people that share our opinion, and are willing to show their face in public. We reach who we portray!!!