Klasse 9g

Homelessness in Hamburg I wish for peace It’s a rainy day. Temperatures around the freezing point. The man is sitting at the same place on a small blanket again. A cup with a few cents and a bottle next to him. The man is very different from all the other people who walk past him to work or to school at half past eight in the morning. Maybe a month ago he still had a job and was with his family. He seems to be a smart, humorous and helpful man. Was he suffering from gambling addiction, losing first his family, and then his job and home? Class 9g and its You:sful profile, a project of the Ida Ehre Schule, Hamburg, set itself the task to look closely at the topic of homelessness in Hamburg. The result is an exhibition that does not primarily show homeless people but above all: humans. The students conducted interviews with street social workers and those people affected by homelessness, surveyed various data on the subject, and portrayed homeless people in front of their tents and at their camps. The result was an art installation on the topic and a digital map listing important institutions with their individual offers. Above all, six very impressive black and white portraits of people were created, all sharing a similar fate, despite all their existing differences. Regarding their view of life, their wishes, and their goals. With their project, class 9g wants to bring the topic of homelessness to the public. The message is simple: it could happen to anyone. And just because homeless people affect us differently, there is still a person with a character inside. At Millerntor Gallery, the students report about their experiences. Which daily routine do homeless people have? Is homelessness always a fate or destiny or can it also be a conscious choice? What do people without shelter receive, need and expect from a society they are a part of? Homelessness in Hamburg Class 9g and its You:sful profile, a project of Ida Ehre School, Hamburg