The Körperfunkkollektiv is a combination of free artists that met in Lunenburg. The inspiration was found at the Lunatic Festival 2014 where the founding members of the art team stumbled upon the Performance Arts of the Radioballet. Since then, an increasing number of creative people have joined the collective. Radioballet has less to do with radio or ballet and everything to do with a form of performative intervention in public spaces – founded by the Hamburg artist collective Ligna. Ligna explores the boundary between what is socially tolerated and what is socially intolerable behavior by organizing so-called Smartmobs: Every person with headphones and a radio can participate by following physical and locational instructions which they receive through headphones. Subsequently, a collective is created by a nevertheless scattered mass that appropriates the public space through physical intervention. At the Radioballet, participants can delve into a different world for a few moments, reinvent themselves and overcome their fears. Split into two groups, they individually follow different instructions and perform within their own group and with the other group or pedestrians, etc. without knowing what instructions the others are currently receiving. Thus, a story is developed - a performance - that may seem unexpected, inclusive, new, challenging and intimate to its participants. Their actions bring stories to life. Last year, the Körperfunkkollektiv took part in the Millerntor Gallery with a utopian-dystopian piece. This year, two more political pieces are included. Firstly, a gender-fairytale piece that shatters gender roles. Rather than finding themselves in a patriarchal world, the participants will be taken into a matriarchal fairytale land in which the strong princess rescues the long-haired prince. To do so, she must overcome many challenging obstacles, whilst the prince merely prepares for his life as a domestic husband. The second piece is a river piece. As the protagonist, the river represents an eco-system. The piece accompanies the river through its creation at its source to its dispersion into the ocean. Participants can experience the strains and hindrances that the inhabitants of a river and the river itself must encounter. This piece is experimental as the participants won’t play people or humanoid characters, but, for example, atoms or the flow of the river.