Ladies, Wine & Design

Do we as creatives still need idols to look up to? Yes, we do. Because idols motivate you. They shine a light on your path and give you the confidence to walk it. For young female creatives idols are very rare, as only 5-10% of creative directors in Hamburg and worldwide are female. These trailblazers have been and still are the „first“ in many ways – being the first to speak up and demand to be heard, the first to fail at something or even better: the first to succeed. Female role models are rare but they do exist – and even more so, new generations that want to learn from them and benefit from their previous fights for equality. Until recently, the only thing that was missing in Hamburg was a platform connecting the two, in order for them to support and educate each other. Ladies, Wine & Design is an initiative, founded by Jessica Walsh in New York in 2016, that is exactly this type of platform. The long-term goal is an equal representation of all genders in the executive levels of the creative industry. Because even the giant creative hub that is Hamburg was still missing this type of movement, regularly offering hanseatic women a chance at exchange and mutual support, the two designers Anissa Carrington and Karolin Berndt founded the Hamburg chapter of LW&D. Once a month, a colorful mix of creative ladies comes together to talk about the challenges and chances the industry has to offer. Renowned experts mingle with young professionals, creating a climate of the most inspiring exchange. The events come in all types of formats: from panel discussions to workshops or portfolio reviews. No event is like the other, as every one of the so-called „salon nights“ discusses a different relevant topic, is hosted in a different space, with varying amounts and constellations of participants. Women and allies from all fields of the creative industry are welcome: from students to graphic designers to producers or project managers and many more. P.S.: There will be wine.