Lukas Adolphi

Lukas Adolphi describes himself as a creator at the edge of art and design. The fact that he has now published the book "die cops ham mein handy" is the result of a robbery. Some years ago, his cell phone was stolen. After the police have caught the perpetrators and they were convicted, he gets his cell phone back. He then finds chat histories of the perpetrators, which he publishes unedited and unabridged at the end of 2017. The first edition is out of print within hours. In January 2018, the second edition was released, with kind approval of the Reclam publishing house. VICE: "The best book of the year is the chats of a cell phone thief, sex, crime, abysmal story-twists - Marco's life has everything, just no happy ending." NEON: "When Lukas Adolphi got his cell phone stolen, he probably did not think he'd ever see it again - let alone make a book out of it, but he did! And it's funny to roar!" Bento / SPIEGEL ONLINE: "It is everyday poetry and love drama in one." Business Punk: "'die cops ham mein handy' is the modern cabal and love [...] And the chat histories are a goldmine in terms of dramaturgy - it's about sex, love and money."