Lukas Krämer

Lukas Krämer is an artist living in Hamburg with over 10 years of experience in Graffiti. Letters are the foundation of his designs and yet his analysis of font often borders abstraction. Painting is a passionate and integral part of his life and he wishes to inspire and excite others to address their environment and themselves artistically. He wants to pass on what he has learned and what he has taught himself and works with children and adolescents in graffiti workshops. “I am interested in giving adolescents the opportunity to be in contact with those that aren’t part of their familiar social setting. The joint implementation of artistic ideas brings adolescents together and can contribute to a decrease in prejudice, and subsequently to new friendships that go beyond social class and cultural background.” The independent usage of color, shape und thus personal experience remains at the heart of this creative process. Graffiti proves to be a suitable medium in reaching children and adolescents, and beyond that in inspiring them to occupy themselves with artistic design. “I believe my primary job is to encourage those that need encouragement to believe in their abilities. I have experienced the uncertainty and hesitation that many participants initially express change into certainty and boldness throughout the day, once they become excited about developing new ideas independently and learning how they may implement and express these. When observing this process, I can actively see that my work is achieving something. That recognition is my motivation to continue to organize these activities for children and adolescents.”