Lustvollsein Room to explore your own lust For many people, sexuality is very intimate and complex. It can be lustful, exciting, joyful, but also difficult, painful and hurtful. Everyone has their own wishes and preferences when it comes to sexuality. What do these subjects mean (to me)? How do I experience relationships, intimacy and sexuality? Do I know what I want? How do I communicate my limits and desires? What do I need to initiate contact? How can I open up for closeness & intimacy? How do I deal with my displeasure? What is my relationship to myself and my body? Ines Voigts is a full-time and a self-employed sexual and art therapist for various counselling centers and works in her own practice. She holds seminars and offers therapeutic guidance to individuals and couples. During her work, she offers a space in which subjects regarding self-love, sexuality and partnership are examined to uncover one’s own desires and needs. The approach is sexually tolerant and promotes self-determined sexuality, respect, equality and tolerance. No matter the sexual orientation, relationship constellation or gender identity – Everyone is welcome.