Max Birkl

Boundless in detail and fine, pointillist gradation combined with bold outlines are the stylistic methods of Max Birkl´s work. Contents are mostly plants, animals and humans, often in abstract fusion amongst each other. Sometimes political, critical, amusing or muted. Hard contrasts and black-and-white drawing-techniques are therefore sticking out.

Max Birkl started drawing quite early in his life and was able to deepen his skills during the studies of communications design. Since 2015 he is not only working on paper, canvas and walls, but expanded to the field of tattooing. The similarities in craft and appearance between drawing and tattooing made this an obvious choice. Most important for Birkl here is the independence of an artwork and the respect for the responsibility towards the client. Only self-designed artworks will be tattooed and of course each drawing just this on time.