Nataly Schwenk

Vogue or voguing is an art/dance-form which was created in Harlem, New York. Named after the homonymous fashion magazine "Vogue", the dance comes with a strict upright body posture which reminds people of supermodels and also straight line-movements of the arms and legs. The dance-form was developed out of the marginalization of the homosexual subculture also called LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer). The so called "ballroom-scene" is a very important aspect for the LGBTQ-Community. On various events which are organized by members of the LGBTQ-Community, people were given the opportunity to live out their sexuality for a night completely out of fear and within a secure environment. They didn't have to hide themselves in order to be accepted, they were accepted for who they were. Furthermore, those events were organized as well to educate the younger generation of homosexual people about sexually transmitted diseases and how to protect themselves. Eventually they formed themselves into family-like groups and competed against each other on competitions. Those groups often had the name of famous fashion brands like House of Labeija, House of Xtravaganza, House of Dior etc. Voguing gained further attention after the release of the song "Vogue" by Madonna and "Deep in Vogue" by Malcolm McLaren. Vogue is not only a dance form but a complex, deep culture that's difficult to understand until you gain yourself experience within the art-form of vogue. The most beautiful thing about the voguing-culture is that it's not only an opportunity for LGBTQ-people to create a safe environment for themselves but it also invites the rest of society to be a part of it.