Noah Felk

"Feed The Rich


My people is ugly and fat.

What do I do about it?

You can't kill them all, can you?

I don't care why you exist.

I care how much.

I am going to dig out the beauty out of your pores

before your self-destructive nature demands to be uglified.

We are in the nature of things,

but still far from being natural with things.

We can put ugly in good light,

cover the fat with fine fabric

and provide sophisticated company.

All to feel safely alive.

Because we love to be played,


lied to

and to be taken by surprise.

Almost as much as we love to be fucked.

I fuck people, do you?

Fucking is a privilege.

It is my life.

My artificial intelligence gives me the power

to kill your parents and steal your child.

You will swallow my truth

as you enjoy my company.

You will suck on the details

and appreciate my techniques.

You will love it.

You will give me the attention I need

to change the world.