On occasion: art!

We definetly all agree: people should share the existing drinking water on this planet unconditionally! But creating art can also be a shareable good. At least, this is what „Pentanorm“ thinks.

„Pentanorm“ is a temporary collective of artists coming together exclusively for this year ‘s Millerntor Gallery. Therefore, the visual artist Simo is collaborating with others, who wouldn ’ t describe themselves as artists carpooling in an artistic way respectively seizing the opportunity to engage for a better world via art, although not dedicating your whole life to it. Because not only drinking water should be accessible for everybody, but also to express yourself through art and creativity.

The persons who participated in creating an interactive installation on the subject of "Identikey":

Halima Catherine Ladwig (35 years old): residential care – sector: dementia
Willi Brüllke (21): journeyman carpenter and university student of civil engineering
Laurenz Pfaff (25): university student of philosophy and cultural reflection
Andre Martin (19): university student of civil engineering
Simo (47): freelance artist