Sablage is a project and person at once.

Sablage understands itself as a response to our neoliberal form of society. The entity Sablage can be composed of (different) individuals as well as of multiple people. Sablage is neither a collective nor a company. But Sablage is a growing person with a growing personality.

Sablage is the science of a destrucreativity.

One (our) variation of this is sand blasting. The whole spectrum from the tenderly dispersion – e.g. of an image, without any damage to the paper – to the study in the deepness of every imaginable existing shapes and materials – to the point of a brute force that slashes everything: Sablage converts the existing into another context.

Decomposing the surfaces, Sablage resists the compulsive aesthetics. Similarly, Sablage remains not in conformity with the apparent individual majority aesthetics, in which a bigger part submits to the fashion trends. Sablage resists as well the image of a permanent optimizing human and the idea of man with a retouched image for the (social) media and also their propagated ideals.

Using diverse tools, methods and materials, Sablage creates - by shrinking, fading and disappearing - room for new expressions: The occurred space can be intended to become a new artwork with a new statement.