Save Democracy

Improving political engagement and participation, while exclusion and powerlessness may feel ubiquitous at times, is tricky business. What obstacles are we facing? How do we motivate citizens to stand up for a strong, open and dynamic democracy? What are our solutions to thrive? This is what brought eight friends together to stop whining about politics and start playing a more active role in our democracy. It doesn’t do anymore to give your vote during elections with obstacles like right-wing populism and a society that gets more and more closed off to variety. But variety and a lively democracy is what we love and strive for. So, we connect with people and initiatives to work on this project with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Offering time and space for others to playfully get in touch with democratic participation. We organize discussions, movie nights, project days at schools, bar camps and other interesting events. As an all-party organization we promote democratic participation while connecting people and ideas – to bring fun and engagement into our democracy.