Thekra Jaziri

Things never seem the way they are. They are always what you make of them- Jean Anouilh “Das Ausmalbild” is a design project in which participants paint a mural on any given wall. Through integration and active participation of the immediate residents of the living area, the project fosters positive, foundational moments both for the residents and their environment. The relatively simple concept of filling out a given space allows a low threshold for participants. Small children, grandma or grandpa— really anybody no matter what age, no matter what background—can be invited to participate to paint. “Das Ausmalbild” creates a sense of belonging and being a part of something bigger. The colours and the motives give the usually grey city scenery a joyful and positive break. I grew up in a small city close to Würzburg. I developed my passion for painting in my young years. I recreated my experiences through painting them in a different light. Throughout my upbringing between two significantly different cultures, my Tunisian heritage and German upbringing, I developed a colour palate and templates deeply inspired by Arabic fabrics and oriental templates. In 2008, I moved to Offenbach to study art design at the university. Besides creating art and murals in public spaces, I started my own project in 2016 “Eine Wand- Ein Ausmalbild” (One wall- One mural)  Thus, a low-threshold concept emerged that enables one's own visual exploration in the context of participatory processes and jointly executed wall design. The intention behind it was always to break up the familiar and stimulate the positive charge of (public) space and a lasting memory for the community.