Yandro Dreier


Yandro Dreier is living and working in his adopted hometown Hamburg since 1999.

His works are characterised by versatility and dynamics. The original source of his love for urbanity and the possibility to permanently re-discover its living environment is his passion for skateboarding. This also inspires him to be adventurous in his art and to constantly integrate new elements. From the finished end product to real life – like skateboards: "When you got a brand-new board it's shining immaculate, it feels smooth and seems to be perfect. But with every new scratch it gets, it seems to come alive more and more. Every scratch is like a journal entry. As a witness of a unique moment every single one of them symbolizes transience but also new opportunities at the same time." Maybe this attitude is the reason behind the fact, that in Yandro's oeuvre you can find rough, sketchy and collaged elements mixed together.