Millerntor Gallery #8


The Millerntor Gallery # 8 will take place with the theme "IdenityKEY" from the July 5th - 8th 2018 in the stadium of the FC Sankt Pauli in Hamburg.


What is the key to our identity and is our identity a key? And if you are locked out, do you choose the locksmith, lockpick or do you choose to breake down the door? What is your way to overcome barriers?

With this year's theme "IdentiKEY", the Millerntor Gallery turns art into an all-area access for discourses and connections. Creative engagement tis given the potential to open spaces that are believed to be locked and to create something new there.

Who can use the general key? Who designed it and who closed the door? Anyways - together we will find out.

We are a keychain for people and initiatives and provide a platform for unique artists, culture, musicians and activists. With courageous and curated ideas, we inspire creative solutions for the local and global challenges of our world.